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Fresh Start

"Would you Like a Fresh Start"

A Story of Jesus from John 3

Once Jesus had a very religious man come to Him and praise Him as a teacher from God.Maybe that’s what you feel about Jesus – He was a good teacher.

But Jesus moved from the man’s limited praise to the man’s great need. You see, if religion or being good was enough, this man wouldn’t have come to Jesus. But he did…because he still had a great need in his life.

newbirthPicture of the New Birth
Jesus looked at the man and told him that in order to be with God – to go to Heaven – he must be without sin.

The man recognized, as you probably do, that while he had been a good person, he hadn’t been perfect in his life. So, he asked Jesus how he could have a fresh start?

How about you? Would you like a fresh start? If you could go back, wouldn’t you do some things different?

Jesus used the picture of a baby being born to say that you must be born again. You must be fresh and clean without the failings of this life in order to be with God.

windPicture of the Wind
Right away the man protested. Even if he wanted to, how could he be born again, he couldn’t go back into his mother’s womb.

Jesus used another picture to help him understand – the picture of the wind.

He said, You believe in the wind even though you can’t see it. What He was saying was, God can give you a fresh start even if it seems impossible. Even if you think your life is so messed up or so far along that you can’t go back to the beginning, God is able to do what seems impossible. And while you may not see His work, you can see the results of His work – just like the wind.

SnakeCrossPicture of the Snake
How? The man asked. Even if I thought God would give me a fresh start, how does He give it?

Again, Jesus gave the man a picture – this time from his nation’s history. At a time when people were dying because they had been bitten by poisonous snakes, God told their leader to make a bronze snake and lift it up in front of the people who were dying. If they looked to the snake, they lived. Nothing else would save them only trust in what God had said and done.

Jesus said, in the same way, He would be lifted up – talking about His death on the cross – and those who looked to Him by faith would be given that fresh start.

Jesus wanted the man to see that it is faith in God’s work, not our own works, that brings salvation.

ShadowPicture of Darkness and Light
Finally, Jesus used a fourth picture to help the man understand what was necessary for a fresh start. He used a picture of darkness and light.

Jesus said, that men – people – are already in darkness. They need a fresh start and they can come into the light by accepting God’s work into their lives. They can choose, they must choose to accept by faith God’s impossible work of giving them a fresh start otherwise they remain in the dark. There is a decision to make - to move into the light, otherwise they remain in the darkness.

Jesus brought the man to the point of a decision. So what about you?

Fresh StartDecision
Would you like a fresh start?

Have you tried to get a fresh start on your own? It hasn’t worked – you can’t get back to the beginning no matter how hard you try. You can try to be good from here on out but that doesn’t address your past. You can’t give yourself a fresh start, but God can.

He can do the impossible work of a fresh start. He can do it in your life if you will believe that He can and decide to let Him do that work in your life.

If you would like that for your life, you can pray to God and ask Him…
     Father, give me a fresh start – I’ve sinned and messed up my life and I need a fresh start.
     Father, forgive me of my sin and make me new – born again.
     Father, I accept Jesus and His death on the cross as meeting the penalty for my sins – I am trusting in His work on the cross for me.
     Father, I choose to leave the darkness and walk in Your light – becoming your child and a follower of your Son.

If you pray something like that and you mean it, God will give you a fresh start.

Please talk to someone who can share this with you more fully or contact us so we can sit down and share it with you. Thank you. 

Last Published: September 30, 2015 10:24 AM